Old World Tailoring Meets The 21st Century

Since 1972, BENNY'S has and continues to be a family affair.

Started by Benito Vergata, BENNY'S has become a veritable landmark in custom men's tailoring in Winnipeg. Benito is a master tailor of the old world tradition, having learned and honed his skills crafting custom tailored men's suits in Italy before moving to Canada to start BENNY'S and a new life in a new world.

His son Martino Vergata continues the family tradition having learned this now forgotten skilled craft from his father and also from many talented tailors in Montreal where he studied for two years.

Martino took over the running of BENNY'S and continues to bring Winnipeg's elite businessmen custom tailored suits made of the finiest fabric, craftmenship and fit that is impossible to find in off-the-shelf lines of the more corporate, mainstream retail establishments.

With his beautiful partner Crystal by his side and other dedicated clothing craftsmen, BENNY'S stands apart from the brand names stores and discount men's fashion retailers by offering custom men's clothing and tailoring that fits like a fine leather glove, as it was meant to be and as every man demanded for himself in the past.

Why Benny's

In an age when everything is outsourced to cheap labour overseas, where machines and software replace human beings and artists, BENNY'S continues the tradition of men's custom tailoring with only one defining philosophy.

Quality, not quantity.

Yes, even the venerable suit, the epitome of a man's statement of success to the world, has been reduced to third world labour and machines. Where some competitors rely on cheap labour, cheaper fabrics and even glue to make your suit, BENNY'S still does things the old fashioned way.

Select the fabric. Measure to fit. Tailor the suit to the body and the man.

BENNY'S hand finishes every garment they make. From the board meeting power suit to the simple and affordable tuxedo for your wedding, there are no short cuts taken in the quality of your garment, rent or own.

A suit is a statement. A statement of a man and his worth to the world and it still is today.

BENNY'S continues this tradition going back hundreds of years of tailoring and clothing the men of today to look their very best.

We look forward to earning your trust and your business the old fashioned way - with quality work that lasts and customer service with a personal touch that goes beyond the normal and expected.

Rent vs. Buy

It's a common question - should we rent or buy our suits/tuxedos for our wedding?

In our experience, renting is always the last option. Why? Primarily two reasons:
1) Quality of fit. 2) Quality of garment.

Most rental companies will promote their absolute bottom price to get people in the door. But that low price suit or tux is usually a) well worn by a lot of other men b) of the lowest quality fabric and c) a fit that is nothing short of luck.

In short, if you rent, you get what you get and that is it.

The one advantage to renting that BENNY'S highly recommends is this - if you can never see yourself ever needing or using a suit/tuxedo again in the future, then rent.

That said, here are six reason to buy a suit for your wedding instead of renting as found on GotStyle.ca.

  1. You look better in a suit that fits you properly.
  2. Have you thought about how many other balls have been in those rented pants?
  3. You can wear your suit again.
  4. It’s your day too, you deserve to look good.
  5. There is no such thing as a rented slim fit tuxedo.
  6. Share the experience with your groomsmen.

“The wrong suit can ruin everything. When you see a good suit, you always know. It’s always a head turner. And you’re not noticing the suit, you’re noticing ‘wow, that guy looks amazing.’” – Melissa Austria

The video below is a good introduction to buying a tuxedo that also applies to suits. In the end, if you attend even just 5 weddings in your lifetime and rent a suit for a cheap $100 a pop, you will have spent $500 and have nothing for it at the end. Rent vs buy is really a question of investment. Everyman deserves to look just as good as his bride on his wedding day. Buying a custom fit and tailored suit or tuxedo is an investment that is well worth the cost.

Suit Or Tuxedo

This 2nd most common question about men's wedding day attire is more easily answered when you rephrase the question.

Formal or informal? Traditional or modern/contemporary?

The answer is now probably a lot easier to figure out.

A tuxedo just can't be beat for making a guy look his very best. While today's suits can look amazing, they are still less formal and will never lose that business look. For many couples, a suit simply does not reflect the importance or grandeur that is a wedding day. This is why you did not see Prince William in a suit on his wedding day. It's simply not done.

That said, there are very few getting married today who run in royal circles. Thus, a lot of freedom and personal style choice can influence many a couple to decide on a suit over a tuxedo for their wedding day. Keep in mind that a custom tailored and fit bought suit will get a lot more use than a take-it-as-it-is rented tuxedo.

Tuxedos as well are more expensive to purchase than a suit, which is why most end up renting one. The problem there of course is one of fit. The rented tuxedo will have either the wrong length in arms or pants, never mind fit across the shoulders. All you have to do is look at a 1/2 dozen or so wedding parties to easily see which men have rented and which have opted to purchase. A rented tuxedo will never fit, and therefore never look as good, as a tailored and fitted one.

There is also the difference of fabric and finish to consider, the informal vs formal look. This great video is the best explanation of that difference.

Our Fashion Lines

Benny's carries two long established fashion lines for your wedding, event or personal needs.

Black & Lee

View Tuxedos

Black & Lee are a high quality affordable alternative to brand name suit and tuxedo rentals serving Canadians for over 50 years. Choose from a wide variety of tuxedos, suits, vest and ties, and other formal wear accessories to make your special occasion your own. And with custom fitting at BENNY'S, we'll make sure you walk down the aisle looking and feeling your very best.

S. Cohen Montreal

S. Cohen Inc. is an established Canadian manufacturer of men's fine tailored suits, jackets, coats and trousers. Known internationally for innovation, style, and exceptional value, the firm recently built a state-of-the-art facility in Montreal, Canada. Impeccably tailored using fabrics sourced from the world's finest mills, S. Cohen products are available at over 1000 retail locations worldwide.

Martino Vergata Custom Fit

Martino Vergato does not let a single man walk out of BENNY'S looking anything less than his very best. Rent or buy, your suit or tuxedo will fit YOU and not a hundred other grooms.

While many men may opt for flashy brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein or Geoffrey Beame, true men of style cut their own brand.

Martino Vergata has access to the finest fabrics in the world, Hollen & Sherry being just one supplier.

Trusted by the leading men of industry, small business, government and politics, Martino Vergata's Custom Fit is available to any man who knows being one is about being an individual. Off the shelf is great for your average man, but leading men go custom.

You don't have to be rich either to get a custom fit. Every man can get into a custom made suit at a price he can afford with Martino Vergata.

In an age where men looking like men has become something of an antiquated notion, Martino Vergata carries on the family tradition his father inherited. When every man, no matter his station or his finances, expected to own a custom tailored and fit suit made for himself that reflected his style and his tastes.

You could go to a brand name store and buy a brand name style, but that is what men of no style do. Chart your own path and make your own mark in the world when you walk out the door in a custom tailored suit from Martino Vergata.


Save The Dress

Benny's has been offering brides wedding dress cleaning and preservation services for over 45 years. They are experts in handling any stains and marks, from dirt to wine, and on any type of dress from the highest end designer fabrics to the 50% off the shelf last-minute wedding special. Their investment in state-of-the-art dry cleaning technology and environmental cleaning products will ensure your dress comes back to you as new as the day you first tried it on.

Every wedding gown is different and is treated and cleaned as such. This personal attention to textile and fabrics from a professional cleaner is the seal of trust Benny's gives to each bride to assure them their wedding dress is left in the best of professional hands.

Every cleaned gowned is returned in a climate optimized and chemically neutral keepsake box for storage along with a client gown preservation guide that details how to continue to care for your wedding gown once you get it back home.

We understand what each wedding gown means to every bride who trusts us with it's cleaning. We not only treat the gown with care, we treat the bride equal care for it is her satisfaction and referrals that has driven our business success for over 45 years.

Our knowledge is vast and our service is incomparable. If you want your wedding dress returned to its original glory, we are the only ones you should trust to do so.

Before & After

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winnipeg wedding dress gown cleaning preservation repair


Fit The Dress

Since 2006, BENNY'S has been custom fitting and altering wedding gowns for brides who want not just a good fit, but the perfect fit of dress style to body type.

With two of the city's most taleneted and experienced wedding gown alterationists, Crystal and Iryan, your dress will look and fit they way you dreamed it would on your wedding day with the confidence of the BENNY'S custom fit guarantee.

Kyla came to BENNY'S for her alterations. The dress she found was perfect, but she wanted the decorative beading across the front removed to create a pared down, simple and elegant look that matched her natural and classic fashion sense.

These great photos of Kyla in her dress illustrate just what a true custom fit/alteration can look like on your wedding day.


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