Why Benny's

In an age when everything is outsourced to cheap labour overseas, where machines and software replace human beings and artists, Benny's continues the tradition of men's custom tailoring with only one defining philosophy: Quality, not quantity. Yes, even the venerable suit, the epitome of a man's statement of success to the world, has been reduced to third world labour and machines. Where some competitors rely on cheap labour, cheaper fabrics and even glue to make your suit, Benny's still does things the old fashioned way.

Select the fabric. Measure to fit. Tailor the suit to the body and the man. Benny's hand finishes every garment they make. From the board meeting power suit to the simple and affordable tuxedo for your wedding, there are no shortcuts taken in the quality of your garment, rent or own. A suit is a statement. A statement of a man and his worth to the world and it still is today. Benny's continues this tradition going back hundreds of years of tailoring and clothing the men of today to look their very best.

We look forward to earning your trust and your business the old fashioned way - with quality work that lasts and customer service with a personal touch that goes beyond the normal and expected.

Bespoke Tailoring

Martino Vergata does not let a single man walk out of BENNY'S looking anything less than his very best. Rent or buy, your suit or tuxedo will fit YOU and not a hundred other grooms.

While many men may opt for flashy brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein, or Geoffrey Beene, true men of style cut their own brand.

Martino Vergata has access to the finest fabrics in the world, Holland & Sherry being just one supplier.

Trusted by the leading men of industry, small business, government and politics, Martino Vergata's Custom Fit is available to any man who knows being one is about being an individual. Off the shelf is great for your average man, but leading men go custom.

You don't have to be rich either to get a custom fit. Every man can get into a custom made suit at a price he can afford with Martino Vergata.

In an age where men looking like men has become something of an antiquated notion, Martino Vergata carries on the family tradition his father inherited. When every man, no matter his station or his finances, expected to own a custom tailored and fit suit made for himself that reflected his style and his tastes.

You could go to a brand name store and buy a brand name style, but that is what men of no style do. Chart your own path and make your own mark in the world when you walk out the door in a custom tailored suit from Martino Vergata.