Suit or Tuxedo

This second most common question about men's wedding day attire is more easily answered when you rephrase the question. Formal or informal? Traditional or modern/contemporary? The answer is now probably a lot easier to figure out.

Save The Dress

Benny's has been offering brides wedding dress cleaning and preservation services for over 45 years. They are experts in handling any stains and marks, from dirt to wine, and on any type of dress from the highest end designer fabrics to the 50% off the shelf last-minute wedding special. Their investment in state-of-the-art dry cleaning technology and environmental cleaning products will ensure your dress comes back to you as new as the day you first tried it on.

Rent vs Buy

It's a common question: should we rent or buy our suits/tuxedos for our wedding? In our experience, renting is always the last option. There are primarily two reasons: quality of fit and quality of garment.

Fit The Dress

Since 2006, Benny's has been custom fitting and altering wedding gowns for brides who want not just a good fit, but the perfect fit of dress style to body type.